As corrupters are thinking fast to develop new strategies to perform their crimes, Anti-corruption fighters have to think faster and develop better strategies to counter this social danger called Corruption.

Since 2011, Cameroon has been using the approach of “Rapid Result Initiatives” to fight corruption in some sectors of our country administration and economy, and has obtained some average results. To take the action forwards and expect better results, the “COACHING”, and efficient tool that has made proof in many other domain is now used to booster Anti-Corruption team performances as to be able to produce better results on the field.
A partnership has been signed between the Cameroon government, the UNDP and the World Bank Institute to train “COACHES” who will work to frame the work of different Anti-corruption teams in Country.
Last Week, I your fellow GYACer in Cameroon followed this training that was made by an expert from the WBI in Washington, Mr. BENJAMINA who during five good days gave us sufficient tools, wiliness and strategies to coach a team that is engaged in the fight against Corruption.

I personally found this training and its contain very interesting and important for we young leaders who are engaged as a team in the fight against Corruption. Now that I’ve graduated as a young coach, I will be willing to share the acquired knowledge and strategies with you all. Then, fill free to ask me any question you may deem necessary on this new tools, the “Coaching” or the “Rapid Result Initiatives” in the fight against corruption.
Don’t mind my young experience as a coach; ask your questions and if I find some of them difficult, I will refer to my own coach to respond you. Yes, because “Every coach, being him the best, needs to be coached by another Coach”.

Together against Corruption.

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Great Gabi!

Me and some friends in Africa are in a preparatory phase to set up a network of youth trainers in Africa for African youth.

I will let you know in due time so that that expertise inn the fight against corruption benefit the maximum of youth in Africa.

Keep up!

Thank you abdrahamane for this you great initiative. You have my support as this may help to build youth capacity for a new generation of leaders accross the continent.

Just let me know when you are ready and I will see how to contribute in the initiative.


No problem bro.Peace

Is this coaching style applicable to teens. Because my take is that we need to start engaging young people more from a tender age.

Then also can we get some materials and resource that can help us in this regard to build the capacity of young people?

Yea , there is need to empower young people more

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