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VACORRUPTION: WE THE PEOPLE’s 2013 Christmas wish list to government

On a cold and blustery Christmas in 1776, then General George Washington and his troops endured the elements in an encampment on the bank…

Started by Don Mashak

0 Dec 25, 2013


In crafting the foundational documents for our republic, our Founders chose to follow the advice of John Locke. They constructed our gov…

Started by Don Mashak

0 Dec 23, 2013

VAC: Did Minnesota Government just declare war on its Citizens?

By now, all Americans should be becoming proficient at reading between the lines of the statements of Government officials and the Major…

Started by Don Mashak

0 Dec 11, 2013

VAC: Correcting THE VIEW's perspective of reality (& Obama's Press Conference)

On November 12, 2013, this writer found himself accidently watching "The View". Within 15 minutes, this writer was enraged by some the th…

Started by Don Mashak

0 Nov 26, 2013

VAC: Tyranny and the two major political party nominating committee

November 4, 2014 is a year a way. Plenty of time to affect the outcome of that election, right? No! The machinery of the two major polit…

Started by Don Mashak

0 Nov 16, 2013

VACORRUPTION: State of #TEA Party & #Occupy as deigned by Sunday Morning Political Talk Shows

This article is a breif summary of the State of #TEAParty & #Occupy movements as deigned and deduced from the blather and propaganda o…

Started by Don Mashak

0 Nov 11, 2013

AGAINSTCORRUPTION The True Nature of Money (in America)

This article was originally intended to supplement and explain concepts in the writer's past article "Shutdown: Rank and File American S…

Started by Don Mashak

0 Nov 4, 2013

VAC ShutDown: Rank and File American Speaks Truth to Power

5% of America approves of Congress. That means 95% of Americans disapprove of Congress. This writer posits that 5% approval essentially a…

Started by Don Mashak

0 Oct 20, 2013

VAC Progressives try to take away your right to vote for MN judges, again Part 1

Recently, a coalition of Minnesota Democrat and Republican Progressives who seek to take away your right to vote for Minnesota Judges, im…

Started by Don Mashak

0 Oct 8, 2013

Building the foundation for the accountable and Transparent Nepal

It has been 17 years since we have the local election last time. The local government bodies are devoid of people’s representative and are…

Started by Santosh Acharya-Nepal

0 Sep 29, 2013




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