A topic for discussion, how corruption can be combatted

Discussion topic, how corruption can be combated?

Scholars argue that there is no widely accepted definition of corruption; we have not agreed on its measurement, we do have various views in reference to the global anti corruption activities as well. Some say there is no corruption, it is just a vocabulary made in and by western countries, so any anti corruption attempts could be viewed as such a lucrative industry which make a huge amount of money for them and could be viewed just as an 'anti corruption industry'. Others say no, corruption is such a big challenge to development.

So, when we have not got an accurate image of corruption, how can we put a limit to it?.

For me, it looks like fighting against Ghost when you cannot see and touch it.  

Have you got any ideas guys?


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Comment by Adnan Rasool on April 26, 2014 at 12:40am

That is exactly my contention as well i.e. the definition of corruption because without that we cannot argue it. It is the foundation for our actions. So let's start with that, Corruption is any misuse of authority for personal gain. Any instance where an individual, institutions, corporation or a government misuses their authority for personal gains above and beyond their legal right (salary) is corruption. 

Then we have to break down forms of corruption which requires people to sit down and have a discussion on how we wish to classify it. Then we can start talking about how we intend to tackle it based on its type and the scenarios it operates under. 

Comment by Nikolay Zyryanov on October 17, 2014 at 12:03am


that s no question as every one of us knows and understands what is corruption. We all understand who is corrupted, who is not, in society, in person, in politics, even on the streets.

Frankly speaking i really feel that corruption (like love) is understandable for both sides even when sides do not know the language of  each other. Quantity (of a bribe asked) you can show with hands, ha ha. 

Corruption is an instinct. And it belongs to each and every human. To win is to lie, and for a long time it goes...  So answering the business part of the question, as i understood it, to beat corruption is easy if we stay uncorrupted - this is the first and the only important question.

Or you ll be thinking that OK, that a YOUTH anti-corruption network so when YOUTH becomes old and corrupted it is no more that YOUTH members, and the network invites new YOUNG members?

No, my friend, and you possibly already know it. The nature of our commitment has no age. So when you step in please don't give up in at least avoiding every corrupted pattern you see. And please do not really BECOME old and corrupted. 

YOu know what is really LIKE corruption? Of course not LOVE, but LUST. There is NO need to explain



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