CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Youth Delegate from South Asia for WB & IMF Annual Meeting

Heads-up from Utpal for our friends from South Asia:

Are you from a South Asia Region (SAR) country, between 18-25 years old and engaged in youth activities and development initiatives?

Apply to join the World Bank & IMF’s Annual Meetings from September 23-25, 2011 in Washington DC, USA.


Application deadline: August 19, 2011. Click here for the application form.


The goal of the South Asia Youth delegates is to foster an understanding of youth issues in the sharing, exchange of ideas, and the for young people to more fully engage the World Bank in issues relating to youth.




The demographic dividend in South Asia is both a challenge and opportunity facing the region. With millions of youth entering the work force every year, there’s an incredible need for more and better jobs in the region.


To enjoy all aspects of life, you need a productive job that removes you from the daily struggle of making ends meet. Governments have an important role to play, providing information, incentives, and an economic environment to foster adaptation and mitigation actions, engaging in new opportunities such as those stemming from climate finance and green technologies.


South Asia is unique in the multiplicity of its challenges and opportunities to generate productive employment. What role can youth and governments play in order to address these challenges? This is the reason why the World Bank’s first South Asia Region flagship report will focus on More and Better Jobs.




By participating in the annual meetings, youth leaders will:


• deepen their knowledge and understanding of the World Bank 

• provide strategy inputs on how youth can engage with the World Bank on development issues that are important to them 
• interview delegates from their countries with flipcams to discuss issues related to youth and employment 
• share how their understanding of the World Bank may have changed over the experience
• be empowered to become actively involved in youth issues and encourage effective networking across regions for knowledge exchange and sharing of best practices


Selection and Eligibility Criteria


• Submit a completed application. 
• Provide a short record of your involvement and track record on youth issues and development activities. 
• Provide a short essay on what More and Better Jobs in South Asia mean to you? 
• Demonstrate effective communication and excellent written and oratory skills. 
• Citizenship from a South Asian country within the age group of 18-25. 
• Have an interest in youth engagement and development affairs.


Selected candidates will be expected to film some of their experiences and interview other participants and delegates attending the Annual Meetings. They will also share how youth can better engage with the World Bank to enhance mutual understanding on youth issues. Other items may be expected and will be communicated to participants.


Airfare, accommodations, and meals will be covered by the World Bank.




The applications must be submitted by August 19, 2011 to Joe Qian through email: Successful applicants will be notified by August 23, 2011.

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