Nigeria still in top 10 of corrupt countries Though it might seem that the anti-corruption efforts are yielding fruits, Nigeria still falls in the top ten rank of the most corrupt countries in the world by transparency international. Nigeria only managed to slightly improve from top three to top six according to the latest ranking released by TI. According to the report, Chad was considered the most corrupt country, followed by Bangladesh while the least corrupt country was Iceland. Nigeria was, during the previous ranking, the third most corrupt country, but the latest ranking disclosed that Nigeria had improved marginally, ranking sixth. In Africa, South Africa and Seychelles are the least corrupt countries while Botswana and Ghana also improved on their previous ratings. Other countries that have improved in their ratings are Argentina, Austria, Bolivia, Estonia, France, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Moldova, Qatar, Slovakia, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey and Yemen. The survey index defines corruption as the abuse of public office for private gain, and measures the degree to which corruption is perceived to exist amongst a country public officials and politicians. The survey included only 159 countries due to the absence of reliable data from the outstanding countries. The survey index uses the scores ranging from ten (squeaky clean) to zero (highly corrupt) and a score of 5.0 is considered to be the borderline figure that distinguishes countries that do and do not have a serious corruption problem. TI pointed out that, while poor countries are the greatest victims of corruption, the index showed that wealth does not buy integrity, as the recent and past corporate scandals in wealthy countries prove that. It also shows that public and government authorities are becoming increasingly sensitized to the issue of corruption. Last year Corruption Perceptions Index ranked South Africa number 46, and Botswana, 32. Zimbabwe and Zambia were jointly ranked 107, Namibia 47, Lesotho 70, and Mozambique 97. Nigeria was ranked the second worst on the continent with a 152 score.  chairman, Peter Eugen, said what was needed in all countries, wealthy and poor, was the coalition between the government, private sector and civil society, to ensure a balance of power and representation of interests. - business-day

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Comment by Hemn Merany on December 10, 2013 at 12:16am

Dear Mr Bemshima,this is an interesting article. I have read some journal articles regarding various types of corruption in some African countries like Nigeria and Ghana. I guess you are Nigerian and you are familiar with your country's situation better than us even better than Transparency International. While the CPI is so far the only global indicator about corruption, it has some serious methodological problems. The CPI is still the measurement of the perceptions of those interviewed people about corruption not the level of corruption. That is why we should not take the CPI as the perfect measurement about the level of corruption in our countries. While I know it is quite close to the reality in some cases, I do aware that they have got methodological problems.

Comment by Bemshima Gilead Abako on December 11, 2013 at 9:45am

Thank you Mr Hemn Merany for your comment and correction.


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