Youth’s perceptions and attitudes towards corruption in education, case of Macedonia

Speaking of corruption there is a common missperception that corruptive activities are strictly seen at pour countries, strictly seen at just certain vocations, strictly seen at certain times, but, if we analyze the synonyms for corruption: dishonesty, immorality, harm, fraud and so on, soon we are going to realize that corruption is so wide and undefined as a concept and because of that it can be seen in different layers, different intensities all around the world. There is no such place without corruption, but there is an environment where this kind of miss behavior is on its margins.

Unfortunately corruption is one of the biggest problems in modern Macedonian history. The corruption is so infiltrated in the system that stops almost every reform (economical, social, justice). This corruptive wave unfortunately is also active in the educational system. I would like to point out 3 important points that by my opinion are the key element of the high level of corruption in education in Macedonia:

1. the apathy in the student environment
2. the ignorance of the institutions for the existence of corruption
3. and last but not least the week (and not defined) regulation

Speaking on the first one, because the corruption is almost common on everyday basics there is a whole group of generations (students & administration) that from the start of their academic carrier are getting used to see corruptive activities, and are getting used to see that nobody is trying to stop it, then they (the students & administration) join the whirlpool of corruption. Today, these people cannot make the difference between right and wrong, good or bad, corruptive or transparent. This is the field where we personally believe that we can and we are acting. The project awareness raising activities are a perfect tool to show the benefits of non-corruptive education to the community. We should act to crush the ambiance of apathy and start the reforms.

We are convinced that almost every student knows or remembers only the blunt form of corruption illustrated in the form of paying for an exam. The good thing about the awareness raising activities is that they can be used as a media which will help the students to find out more about the different types of corruption and the ways to fight against them.

The second problem about the perception of corruption is the unwillingness of the institutions to admit the existence of it. The civil sector and the Medias must fight against this blindfolded policy. We should try to change the educational system to a better and transparent one and hopefully corruption free. HEIs sooner or later must face with the fact of corruption and start reforms in this field. There is a certain denial or not readiness to solve the problem. We believe that in this time the academic life and spirit are in great danger.

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