Boomerang (anti-corruption vaccination contest)

A short description of the movie which was part of an anti-corruption movie contest organized by YEF:
A student in medical school is going to take an exam in human anatomy, which is one of the hardest exams in his studies. However he has not studied enough for the exam and made a plan B to get a good grade and pass the oral examination. The professor asked a few questions regarding the heart anatomy which the student was unable to answer. Ready to write down a failing grade in his student file, the professor notices a $100 bill, conveniently left in the student file. He takes the bill and gives the student a passing grade in return. Years go by, and the student becomes a respected doctor in the town hospital. While taking a walk in the park, the professor gets a heart attack. Left unconscious, the he is taken to the emergency room. The professor opens his eyes and is terrified to see that the doctor who is going to give him a heart surgery is the same student who used corruptive methods instead of studying in order to pass the exam of human anatomy. The professors irresponsible attitude and corruptive practices in his teaching career had vast societal consequences, which by accident he felt on his own back. The main point is to emphasize the deteriorating impact which corruption in education has on the society as whole.

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